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Dorothy Hall Is Darrington, Maryland's Darkest Secret

A mystery thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.


That is until Emarie Lukins, a reporter for the Washington Intelligencer, is assigned to write a story about a sixty-five-year-old woman who killed her twenty-five-year-old lover.


When Emarie’s boss, Jim, gives her a file that contains only a one -page document and a photo of the world’s homeliest woman dressed in a T-shirt with the words World’s Best Mom on the front, Emarie’s gut screams for her to refuse the assignment. 

Before she can back out, she is trapped in the depraved world of Dorothy Hall. Emarie digs into Dorothy’s warped reality, untangling a web of abuse, deceit, manipulation, and murder, revealing Dorothy’s true identity. 

When she uncovers damaging information Jim is desperate to keep under wraps, Emarie’s own world is turned upside down. 

Nonetheless, Emarie is determined to write a book that proves Dorothy is not who she claims to be and exposes Darrington, Maryland’s cover-up of Dorothy’s despicable and deadly deeds. 

In the end, Emarie’s book shatters lies and lives, putting her life at risk.

Will Emarie outsmart Dorothy? 

Or will she become another of Darrington’s dark secrets?

Gwendolyn Fanny Has An Unimaginable Imaginataion

Gwendolyn: Idlebury Series Book 1: Be Careful What You Wish For. A YA fantasy for readers of all ages.


And after two weeks of housebound boredom, her imagination has run amok. 

One day, as Gwen stares out a window, wishing for power, admiration, and adventure, a story in Universal Scandals magazine grabs her attention. Gwen discovers the Queen of Idlebury in Dimension XIII is searching for her long-lost adopted daughter. 

Gwen’s belief that she is the real Princess of Idlebury tears her from her world of make-believe and throws her into a reality not even she could have imagined. Worse, she must prove she is the princess by enduring a series of harrowing events.  

Her journey begins when a force catapults her through the thirteen dimensions and drops her in Personadonia where she befriends two of her other selves and a young dragon. 


While she endures tests of moral fortitude in the Field of Wisdom, jeopardizes her life by waking the dead, survives poisoning with rotteroot, and defies the paparazzi, the great dragon queen of Beastonia clashes with the Soul Seeker and King Morrebidd of Deadonia to save Gwen’s soul. 

Gwen’s journey ends at the Royal Assembly after she enters the Wall of Passages and undergoes a test that no one has ever passed. 


But she doesn’t know that her last wish changed her destiny forever.


 Is Gwendolyn really the Princess of Idlebury? 


Or did she need to be careful what she wished for? 



National Indie Excellence Awards

Young Adult Fiction


Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Children/Juvenile Fiction

Last Night At Ten O’clock This Morning, An Empty Wagon Full Of People Ran Over A Dead Horse And Killed It

Thane: Idlebury Series Book 2: Magic & Mayhem. The fantasy continues as Thane gets himself in big trouble. Will he survive?


Prince Thane of Idlebury is a very bad boy with special powers—powers that could get him killed. And when he takes a nocturnal trip through the thirteen dimensions while reciting the above age-old curse, performing illegal magic, and creating mayhem, every creature in the universe knows he has found the long-lost book A Magic Maniac’s Many Ways to Make Mischief.


Immediately a universal battle for the coveted book ensues, putting Thane’s life in danger. Realizing he’s in big trouble, he travels to Dimension X and begs his sister Gwen to help him. 

Soon Gwen unravels the secret meaning of the old curse and discovers the plot of three of the most devious kings in the universe to kill Thane, take possession of the book, and gain control of every being everywhere.

In the end, Thane merges with two of the kings and transforms into a hideous creature—a creature he must overpower in order to save his life and the universe. 

Will Thane pay the ultimate price for his misdeeds?

Or will he live to learn that magic and mayhem are a dangerous combination?

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 --JM Hughson


 Shattered Lies: 

Jessica, Heather, Pam, Cheryl, Barbara, Susan, Janessa, Stephen, Kimberly, and Melissa.

Gwendolyn: Idlebury Series Book 1-Be Careful What You Wish For: 

Tamara, Samantha, Beverly, and Amy

Thane: Idlebury Series Book 2-Magic & Mayhem: 

Michelle and Christy

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What Readers & Reviewers Say About Shattered Lies

 Excellent read. Lots of twists and unexpected turns. Utterly LOVED reading it. It has been a long time since a novel grabbed me like this. Highly recommend.     I want more from this author!-- D. Nanton, Ontario, Canada

I'm a fan of mysteries and suspense stories and found my way to this book. I was not disappointed at all. It was a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read but you need to be sure to keep up with the story line. LOTS of turns in the plot and just when you think you've reached the conclusion, boom, something else is revealed. If you want a late-night, attention-grabbing book, then here you go. --K. Hoffman, Maryland

 I very much enjoyed Shattered Lies with its clever plot development including lots of twists and turns requiring you to pay attention! The author skillfully developed her characters and the relationships to one another. I found I could not put the book down for very long before I picked it up to see what the next chapter brought to the story line.--Unnamed Reader from God Knows Where

This book was one of the best reads I have experienced in a while. I love when I find a book that holds my attention so well that I don't want to put it down. Shattered Lies is one of those books you start reading, and the next thing you know, hours have gone by. But you keep reading because you have to know what happens and somehow the author keeps giving you twists and turns you do not expect. I highly recommend this book. It's not only suspenseful, it's funny and relatable. Thank you, JM Hughson. -- Janine H., Woodbridge, VA

What Reviewers Say:

 5 Star Review: 

Shattered Lies by JM Hughson . . . is an absorbing mystery that should be carefully read because of the numerous twists and drama it contains. I was hooked from the beginning and liked the impressive, well-structured plot. One never knows what dreadful Dorothy will say or do next. Emarie really had her hands full with this assignment since she had to “pick sense out of nonsense,” especially when interacting with Dorothy. Shattered Lies is one of those mystery novels that will keep readers in a contemplative mood.-- Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite  


What a great story! Putting everything else aside, writing a good, solid story line with a well-thought-out plot is really what great writing is all about. I was entertained and hooked from page one. This was un-put-down-able. It is as simple as that. The plot was strong and organized—no plot holes. The pacing was spot on. Thank you for putting in the effort to make the right cuts and to create a great mix of narrative and dialogue. This was a refreshing change from a lot of books on the market. Emarie is just divine. She’s relatable, smart, likable, and just a well-developed character that comes to life on the page. An amazing writing style and the perfect voice for the genre. I hope to read more from this author in the near future! --Judge. Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

What Readers & Reviewers Say About Gwendolyn: Idlebury Series Book 1: Be Careful What You Wish For

"This book grabbed my attention from the very first page. The author did a fabulous job of keeping the story moving. I never got bored. This book was a mix of fantasy, suspense, romance and I loved it! I imagine this book will keep any reader who has an interest in a good fantasy story intrigued. The characters are dimensional and I immediately felt connected to the book and could't wait to see what would happen. It was delightful to read, and there were even some life lessons intertwined throughout the book. JM Hughson used detail and imagery that appealed to all five of my senses!" -Writer's Digest. 17th Annual International Self-Published Book Awards

"If you have not read this book, you are missing out on an exciting adventure. Being with Gwendolyn through every twist and turn will leave you on your toes. JM Hughson is a great author with an elaborate plot who can bring every character and situation together in the end. An amazing read."-  Unnamed Reader. Centreville, VA

"A delightful read full of fantasy, imagination, and adventure." - PJ, Silver Spring, MD

"An enchanting, intelligent, witty fantasy about real life with an empowering message for young and old. "- Barbara B. PhD, Newtown PA

"A splendid and engaging fantasy with good characters that face fears, desires, and seek a better self. I like the way it offers a way to act out psychological drama in symbolic form. Its fidelity to emotion of the characters is what gives this book its power. It is rich in detail and emotion which submerged me in a complete world of character, plot, and setting." -  Helen M. PBVM, Psy.D. St John's NL Canada 

"What an investment! I was engrossed in the writing from the beginning , and a bit disappointed when I was on the last chapter to know that I was coming to the end. I hope there's a sequel!!!" - Geri D. Blue Bell, PA

"I enjoyed it. The story was very good and JM Hughson's writing style is superb. The story is far more complex than a young girl's fantasy. In fact, there's a strong moral, political, and economic message interwoven throughout, ala Gulliver's Travels." - Fred B. North Wales, PA

What Reviewers Say:

5 Star Review

 Be Careful What You Wish For (Idlebury Series Volume 1) by JM Hughson is a great story. I’ve read a few fantasy stories for young adults and this is one of the best. It's packed with action and the story grabbed me from the first page. The language used in the story fits the age range well and it’s a neat plot, well-written and clear. There is plenty going on to keep the attention of any age of reader and this is more than just your typical fantasy story. There are underlying stories, in particular that what you want may not always be for the best, and you should be careful what you wish for – things have a habit of happening when you least expect it! The characters are well-rounded, likable and developed properly. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and am looking forward to volume 2.--Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite 

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